Employment Income Tax (Payroll Tax)

This guide explains the requirements for withholding income tax from employment income work, what payments they apply to, and how to work the tax out and comply with the law.

 >> Tilmaamaha Caashuurta Mushaharka Shaqaalaha.

 >> Payroll Tex Guidelines.


Employment Income Tax Form and guide

The document linked to below has a printable version of the employment income tax form, with a guide on how to complete the form.

 >> Tilmaamaha Dhammaystirka Foomka Xisaabcelinta Mushaharka Shaqaalaha.

 >> Employment Income Tax Form Guides.


Employment Income Tax Calculator

You can download an excel calculator from the link below. Enter the amounts of salary paid and benefits given during the month for an employee. The calculator then works out the month’s employment income tax for that employee.

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 >> Payroll Tax Calculator.


Guides to Non Resident Withholding Tax

The document linked to below provides an explanation Non-Resident Withholding Tax.

 >> Guides To Non-Resident Withholding Tax.