Customs Guides

Commentary On The Customs Act

The document linked to below provides an explanation of the new Customs Act.
Note that the Somali version is the official version of the Act.

  >> Commentary on The Customs Act.


Guide To The New Goods Declaration Process

This guide explains the new process for self-declaration of goods at Customs.

 >> Qaabka Caddaynta Badeecadda.

 >> Guides to Goods Self-Declaration.


Guide To Completing The Goods Declaration Forms (GDF)

The guidance notes linked to below will help you complete the Goods Declaration Form. They also explain when to use the continuation sheet and the simplified goods declaration form.

 >> Habraaca Dhammaystirka Foomka Caddaynta Badeecadda.

 >> Goods Declaration Form Guidance Notes.

Goods Clearance Process Flowchart

The flowchart shows the step-by-step process for clearing goods through Customs, from completing the GDF to removal of the goods after clearance.

 >> Hagaha Nidaamka Buuxinta Foomka Caddaynta Badeecadda.

 >> Goods Clearance Process Flowchart.