Muse Ibrahim Yousuf, Deputy Minister of The Ministry

Muse Ibrahim Yusuf (Selef) was appointed to Deputy-minister at the Ministry of Financial Development in December 2019.
Muse Ibrahim worked at the Minister of Aviation and Air Transportation for eight years. He served as the Director of Projects between September 2012 to December 2019 managing expansion and upgrading of the main Somaliland Airports: Hargeisa, Burco, and Berbera. Mr Muse also served as a Director of Statistics and Planning for two years at the same ministry.

Before joining the government, Mr Muse worked in the private sector, mainly Marketing and IT department for several companies such as African Online Company at Hargeisa between 2008 and 2011.

Muse has a Bachelor of Information Technology from Hargeisa University, 2012 and is currently completing Master of Air Transport Management from Coventry University ( Chartered by the Institute of Logistics and Transport, CILT), United Kingdom.
Muse is a good team player, has excellent communication skills established through extensive academic, social and work experience.