About Revenue Acts

The document linked to below provides an explanation in English of the new Revenue Act. Note that the Somali version is the official version of the Act.

 >> Revenue Acts.


Tax Payer Registration and TIN

This guide explains who should register and obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), what the benefits for business are, and how to register.

 >> Diiwaangelinta Caashuubixiyaasha.

 >> Taxpayer Registration and TIN.


Taxpayer Registration Application Form

The link below is to the form to apply to register a business for taxes.

 >> Taxpayer Registration Form In Somali and English.


How to complete the Taxpayer Registration Form

The guidelines linked to below explain how to complete the taxpayer registration form.

 >> Tilmaamaha Foomka Diiwaangelinta Caashuurbixiyaasha.

 >> Taxpayer Registration Form Guidelines.


Tax Clearances

You can download the tax clearance application form from the link below, together with guidelines for completing that form.

 >> Foomka Caddaynta Caashuurta La'aanta.

 >> Tax Clearance Application Form in English Version