Hargeisa 28 May, 2023 Somaliland Ministry of Finance Has Implemented for the First Time a Refrigerated Container at the Custom of Egal International Airport.

Hargeisa 28 May, 2023 {MoFD}- Somaliland Ministry of Finance Development has officially launched at the Custom of Egal International Airport a refrigerated container which is 45-feet-long, and is intended to store imported goods that easily spoil without refrigeration such as: wet foods, medicines, vegetables and other similar goods.

This refrigerated container which is the first of its kind will make a big difference in the provision of customs services, caring customers {taxpayers}, and generally is part of the Reform Program of Public Financial Management {PFM}, especially the technical advancement of the operations of the Customs Administration of the country.

Director General of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman, who was speaking at the ceremony of cutting the rope of this modern machine, said that it is a step taken by the ministry in the direction of development and a long-standing challenge that has been solved today.

Members of the businessmen connected to the Hargeisa Airport {Egal Int. Airport} who were present at the event also welcomed this new equipment {Refrigerated Container} brought by the Ministry in the custom, who mentioned that they had a great need, and at the same time they had lot of burden for the storing of their imported goods, especially those can easily spoil without refrigeration.

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