Hargeisa 24 August, 2023 {MoFD} -Trainings on the Government Agencies and Armed Forces Budget Preparations for the Coming Year.

Hargeisa 24 August, 2023 {MoFD} – Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development of Somaliland Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman {Muadinka} closed a training for some of the heads of the admin and finance of Government Agencies as well as the Armed Forces, the training which took 3 days about the Somaliland Financial Management System which is abbreviated as FMIS, and was jointly provided by experts from the Budget and IT Departments of the Ministry of Finance.

This modern system of automation is now fully implemented with Government Agencies using it to prepare their budgets, pay expenses, government revenues, paying national contracts, purchase services and office supplies and other important matters which is related to the running of the activities. As is customary at this time, administration and finance officers and accountants are trained to prepare the coming year’s budget for their offices, as we are in the process of preparing the next year government budget if Allah allows.

During the training, topics such as: preparation of expenditure heads and sub-heads of the budget, the priorities of the next year’s budget {2024}, the process of preparing budget allocations for Ministries and Agencies, the use of the automated system of FMIS and also the preparation of salaries of civil-servants and armed forces.

Finally, the overall objectives of this training were as follows:

1. To have a complete budget and its procedures are in accordance with the international ones.

2. That the time allotted for the preparation of the budget ends.

3. To prepare the budget under the automated system of FMIS.

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