22 Nov, 2021 The Ministry Of Finance Development Holds The Yearly Tax Forum For 150 Taxpayers

Hargeisa 22 Nov, 2021 (MoFD)-The MoFD holds the yearly tax forum for 150 Taxpayers. The purpose of this tax forum is to bring together large taxpayers and other stakeholders to discuss recent Somaliland tax reforms and legal obligations within RA 2016, with the objective of improving tax compliance. Annual tax forums, like elsewhere, have improved taxpayer compliance and increased revenue collection in developing and developed countries.

 Those topics were discussed during the forum:

1. IRD Enforcement powers as per the Somaliland Revenue Act 72/2016?

2. Online Taxpayer portal.

3. GST tax & GST machines.

4. Lastly, The taxpayer objection process implemented by the Tax tribunal committee.

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