Somaliland Cabinet Approves 2021 Annual National Budget Which is 2.9% more than the 2020 Budget

Hargeisa, 05-Dec-2020 (MOFD) An extraordinary meeting was held today at the Presidential Palace by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Somaliland, chaired by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, HE Muse Bihi Abdi together with the Vice President of Somaliland, HE Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici). After a long debate and discussion, the Council of Ministers approved the 2021 annual national budget which was presented at the previous weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The annual budget comprises six parts:

•       The National Government

•       Local Governments

•       Independent Government Agencies

•       SDF

•       World Bank

•       And GPLG

The projected annual budget for 2021 is 2,882,000,000,000 (two trillion eight hundred and eighty-two billion). The projected revenue of the national Government is higher than the 2020 budget by 2.7% while the overall projected budget is 2.9% higher than the 2020 budget.

The 2021 national budget priorities are:

1.     Security

2.     Justice

3.     Health

4.     Education

5.     Production

6.     Environment

7.     Energy

8.     Good governance

9.     Elections

10.   Recognition (of the country)

Moreover, the 2021 annual budget, which is the 30th national budget of the Republic of Somaliland, is in line with national development plan II, the political program of Kulmiye party and the Public Financial Management Program (PFM).

The annual budget will be submitted to the Somaliland House of Representatives for approval to fulfill their constitutional mandate.

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