House of Representatives Approve 2021 Budget by Majority Vote

Hargiesa 26-December-2020 (MoFD)-House of Representatives approved the 2021 Annual Budget Estimates and attached the proposals of the House Finance Committee.

The 2021 overall annual budget forecast is 4.8% more than the budget for the year ending 2020, comprehensively.

Yesterday’s session of the House chaired by Speaker of the House of Representatives of Somaliland, Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah which was attended by 42 members, was approved by 27 members, rejected by 5 members, while 9 members abstained.

Earlier, the Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire presented to the House of Representatives 2021 Annual Budget of the Government dated 8th Dec, 2020, which the cabinet ministers endorsed unanimously on 5th Dec.

The national budget, which consists of factorials as per the central and local government, the parastatals, the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF), World Bank and the Joint Programme on Local Governance (JPLG), will mainly prioritize and zero in on the following sectors:-





Rural (Development)


Good governance




The budget is earmarked at 2.882 billion SL Shs. It grossly surpasses the past years budget by 4.8%.