Hargeisa September 26, 2023 {MoFD} -50 members of Somaliland’s judiciary have been trained in the implementation of the country’s financial regulations.

Hargeisa September 26, 2023 {MoFD} – Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Somaliland HE. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed who was accompanied by the Attorney General Mr. Abdirahman Jama Hayan and Director General of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka) on September 16, 2023, opened a five training days for 50 members of the Somaliland judiciary, which included Governors, Judges, Deputy Attorney Generals, Officers from the Security Forces, lawyers and members of the Somaliland Tax Tribunal Committee.

The five-day training was aimed at strengthening the implementation of financial regulations, and the training was provided by experts with extensive knowledge of financial regulations and Islamic Shariah. Also, the members who attended the training exchanged ideas and knowledge as they were from different Government Agencies.

First, the Director General of the Ministry of Finance Development Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adinka) who spoke there gave an in-depth report on the mission of the training, which he said is part of the steps to improve the good governance of government agencies. “It is essential that we go together in everything that exists and work together.
That makes it easier for us firstly because the laws have been implemented and the system has been straightened. A taxpayer has rights and obligations of every citizen.
Each of you pays taxes indirectly and directly, and those laws start with the Payroll Tax.”
Finally, the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, who opened the training, stressed the importance of the training to the participants, and said that the Department of Judiciary was already working under these rules, but now they will benefit from the change and the amendments made to the regulations, and they will go into detail during the period, and they will also exchange their experiences with the experts and the training members.
The Chairman of the Supreme Court noted that the tax is central to the government and the running of the work, and he underlined that the Judiciary is the backbone of the tax enforcement, and it is in a strong position to fail and to have two characteristics turn, we said that the Judiciary is one of the best institutions for filing income.
The chairman urged the members of the training to take advantage of the training and exchange their knowledge.