Hargeisa December 16, 2023 {MoF} -Handover Ceremony of the Newly Appointed Deputy-Minister of the Ministry of Finance.

Hargeisa December 16, 2023-{MoF} – A highly organized event was held at the meeting hall of the Somaliland Accounts General Office, where they were taking over from the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance Amb. Roda Jama Ilmi and Deputy Minister recently appointed to the Ministry of Finance Mr. Saleeban Jama Dirie.

The former Deputy Minister Amb. Roda Jama Elmi has been the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Finance Development for two years, after she took over this position on September 9, 2021, as she has shown efforts during her time in this position, becoming the second woman to hold a ministerial position in the Ministry of Finance. On the other hand, the new Deputy-Minister who took over the position has already returned to the Director General of the Ministry of Finance.

The handover event was attended by the Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Director General of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman, Accountant General of the Government Mr. Ahmed Daud Gedi and other departmental heads. Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, who made a farewell speech at the handover ceremony said:

While we were working together with Minister Roda Jama Ilmi, I thank her for her responsibility, good work, ability and morals that she worked with us. The ministry does not work only in the morning, it works in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, any time at any place of work that is required for that she does not attend never happen, except when she is on vacation. The Minister is now going to a Ministry where she has worked in the past and which has really contributed to the search for recognition in the world, and I am confident that it will bear fruit. A good colleague is leaving us today, but we say goodbye and we pray that God will make it easy for her in the new task assigned to her. We welcome the new Deputy Minister of the Ministry named Mr. Saleeban Jama Dirie, the Minister is not new to the Ministry he knows its people, its resources and its work, but only one thing has not changed which is revenue collection.

When you were in the Ministry the budget was much smaller than it is today, that means we need to work harder than before to meet the projected income, God willing we will come out, so welcome to the Ministry again , and now I want to transfer the position to you and stand next to me both of you“.

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