Hargeisa 28 Jan, 2024 {MoFD} – A meeting to evaluate the performance of the Departments of the Ministry of Finance Development last year of 2023 was held {28 Jan, 2024} at the meeting hall of the Government Accounts General Office.

The purpose of this annual meeting is to evaluate what each Department has done in its annual plan; while the Director of the Departments was heard from each one of them to give a report on what was done about the target that was mentioned in the action plan of the Department, the remaining activities that were not done and the reasons why they could not be done.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of the Ministry Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Mr. Saleban Jama Dirie and Director General of Finance Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman {Muadinka},

although there were a lot of pressures that faced the smooth functioning of the Ministry in the previous year [2023]. However, it could be seen from the reports of the Departmental directors that the Ministry has made good progress in many aspects. Areas of good progress made by the Ministry include:

  • Implementation and use of modern automated systems.
  • Financial Management Reform Program.
  • Modernization of Customs and Domestic Revenue.
  • Awareness & strengthening of Taxpayer relationship.
  • Enforcement of regulations.
  • Reforming the budget preparation and spending process.
  • Procurement and government contracts.
  • Reorganization of personnel.
  • Economic development policies and promotion of domestic production.
  • Etc.

The Ministry of Finance Development has an annual plan, as well as a five-year strategic plan, which is the map or path for each office to follow in the execution of its mandated activities. There are three-month, six-month and annual meetings which are evaluation and review to see what has been done in the planned activities and those that have not been done.

The meeting that lasted for many hours was closed by the Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire praised the officials of the Departments for the responsible performance of their assigned duties, and instructed them to prepare for the implementation of the duties mentioned in the Work Plan for the beginning of this year in each office.

=Wabillahi Tawfiiq=

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