Hargeisa 25 Jan, 2023 A Work-Shop Meeting to Present the Annual Performance Presentations of the Ministry of Finance.


Hargeisa 25 Jan, 2023 (WHM). Somaliland Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire together with the Deputy-Minister of the Ministry of Amb. Roda Jama Ilmi and the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Mohamed Hussein Osman opened a one-day meeting, in which the heads of the Departments of the Ministry of Finance presented their yearly performance for the year of 2022.

The senior management of the Ministry listened to the Ministry’s Departmental Director’s reports one by one, who also gave a detailed report on the things that have been done in the plans for the previous year {2022}.

The various departments of the Ministry of Finance Development of Somaliland submit their reports to the Chief Executives of the Ministry weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

It was shown in the Department’s performance report in the past, that good progress has been made in terms of the implementation of the financial management reform program such as; use of modern automation systems, Financial Management Reform, Taxation, Customs, Taxpayer Awareness & Strengthening Customer-Care, Compliance, Budget Management and Expenditure, Procurement, Personnel Reorganization and economic development policies and the promotion of domestic production, during a difficult time in the world and in the region, there are difficult inflationary conditions.

The Ministry of Finance of Somaliland has an annual plan, as well as Five Year Strategic Plan, which is the map or path for each Office to follow in the execution of its mandated activities, and at the end of each year, a general assessment is made of its performance.

Finally, the meeting, which lasted for many hours, was closed this afternoon {25 Jan, 2023} by the Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, praising the officials of the Departments for the way they have fulfilled their duties assigned.

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