Hargeisa 17 August, 2022 (MoFD) Somaliland Minister of Finance Closed Workshop-Meeting on Information Sharing, Evaluation and Rewarding of the Revenue Departments and the General Accounts Office for the Six Months of January-June 2022.

Hargeisa 17 August, 2022 (MoFD) – The Minister of the Ministry of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire today held a six-month meeting at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa, which was to evaluate the overall performance of the Revenue and Accounts Offices, especially their revenue targets for the previous six months. In the first phase, reports were heard from the managers of the revenue offices of Inland Revenue, Customs and also the Regional Accountants.
This information-sharing, assessment and award meeting held twice a year by the Departments of Revenue and the General Accounts Office aims to identify those who have achieved their revenue projections and those who have fallen short, the reasons for the decline or rise, challenges and opportunities.
During the meeting, the officials of the revenue offices and regional accountants shared with the senior officials of the ministry information about their activities for the previous six months, and at the end of the event they presented what they had suggestions or questions, as they are the representatives of the Ministry of Finance for the regions and districts of the country.
It is worth noting that the total actual income for the first six months of this year 2022 in January-June reached 94% of the income target, while the planned expenditure target was paid at 88%. As we are aware there are circumstances and economic burdens, whether they are shared by us in the world or our own.
At the end of the event, the officials of the Ministry gave the Heads of Revenue Offices and Accountants of the Regions words of encouragement, and finally awards were given, especially to those who reached or exceeded the set target.

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