Hargeisa 05 Feb, 2023 The Ministry Of Finance Of The Republic Of Somaliland Honored The Employees Who Appeared In The List Of Members Recognized As The Best Employees In 2022.

Hargeisa 05 Feb, 2023 {MoFD} – The Somaliland Ministry of Finance held a highly organized event for 151 employees of the ministry, who were recognized as the best employees in 2022. These employees from selected all the different sections and departments of the Ministry, as well as among the workers at different levels, and they were classified according to the National Civil Service Administration Policy Procedure, which has general standards.

The senior officials of the Ministry honored the winners with awards including certificates and a sum of money, to be an encouragement to the winner today and in the future.

Somaliland’s Ministry of Finance in compliance with the Civil Service Law No. 97/2022, at the same time keeping in mind the importance of the evaluation of the work and the employees as well as the accountability, held an event for its employees for the third year to honor its best employees which is yearly basis.

These employees who were recognized as the best of the Ministry last year in 2022 were evaluated in terms of their performance, ability, ethics, punctuality etc. The awarded staff numbered 151 members as I mentioned above, 51 of them were selected from sub-employees such as; drivers, watch-men and cleaners, while the other 100 were officials. It is worth noting that 34% of the employees who were awarded were women in terms of gender, which are 25% of the Ministry’s employees.

The employees of the Ministry of Finance are in a key role in the nation, as they are the ones who are responsible for the activities of income generation, preparation and control of the government budget, as well as the disbursement of the government agencies’ expenses.

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