Our Mission 

Our mission is to encourage and strengthen trade, the rule of law and increasing domestic revenues based on improved technical expertise and knowledge and adherence to international laws and conventions.

Our Vision 

Our vision is the effective administration of customs services based on the principles of modernisation, diligence and efficiency as part of efforts to delivering professional customs services through technical expertise that is in line with global standards, revenue generation and the protection of the country’s borders and society.


The main objectives of Customs Department are:

  • Development of effective, efficient and uniform revenue collection systems and procedures
  • Improvement of staff professionalism through clear understanding and application of the law
  • Implementation of full declaration requirement by traders
  • Work in partnership with the business community and other stakeholders through education and awareness programmes.

Strategic Goals

  • Simplification and harmonization of customs procedures.
  • Promotion of fair, efficient and effective revenue collection.
  • Facilitation of trade.
  • Application of advanced risk management.
  • Computerization of all customs procedures.
  • Continuous efforts to combat smuggling and contraband.
  • Training of the personnel aiming at improvement.