Consultation Meeting between the Ministry of Finance Development and the Civil Society Organizations on the preparation Government Budget for 2022.

Hargeisa 30 July, 2021 (MoFD) – A consultation meeting between the Ministry of Finance Development and members from the Civil Society Organizations was held last night at the University ofHargeisa on the preparation of the Government Budget for 2022. This annual meeting attended by the senior management of MoFD and members of various civil society organizations was aimed that civil society take their role in the preparation of the Government Budget, in accordance with theFinancial Management Act No. 75/2016.

During the meeting, which lasted for several hours, a number of constructive ideas and suggestions were exchanged by the two sides, which will be reflected in the 2022 budget, while the participants congratulating the officials of the Ministry of Finance on their echoed their last year’srecommendations, and at the same time they testifying that some of them are reflected in this year’s budget for 2021.

The top officials of the ministry responded to a number of questions from civil society organizations, while they promised to take their recommendations into account for the coming year’s budget preparation before submitting it to the other Budget stakeholders if Allaah allows.

Finally, this annual consultation meeting which is held in July according to the Ministry’s Budget Calendardemonstrates the maturity of the Ministry of Finance officials, who are in charge of budget preparation, revenue generation and expenditure management, and it’s indeed a step forward in good governance, transparency and accountability.

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