A second-round training on taxpayer online service portal

Hargiesa 11.11.2020 (MoFD)The Ministry of Finance Development organized asecond-round training on the recently launched taxpayer online service portal for 60 taxpayers in an effort tofacilitate a self-service tax payment at taxpayers’ own convenient time and place.

During the pilot phase, MOFD will start the taxpayer online service system with the collection of income tax as well as goods and services tax.

The online service portal will also help taxpayers get access to the information they need including, but not limited to, tax laws and regulations, template forms, guide to the taxpayer’s rights and obligations and complaint submission procedures. In addition, the system automatically calculates the amount of tax due for each taxpayer.

The taxpayers who participated in the second round of the training were from the local non-governmental organizations and international organizations who already comply with the taxpayments.

As a part of public finance reform programme, the online service portal is expected to significantly enhance the revenue generation for the country.

For more information, contact Public Relations and Information Department of MOFD- [email protected], www.slmof.org