The overall objective is to provide a system with adequate audit trails to improve administrative accountability in processing transactions. Improved timeliness and accuracy of transaction processing will also improve timeliness and comprehensiveness of financial reports for decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy and Transparency of public financial information.
  • Increase the government services efficiency.
  • Provide data for decision making.
  • Control and increase domestic revenue.
  • Improve the government image (attract investments and donors).
  • Improve the life of the Somaliland citizens.

Current Deployed Modules

  • Budget Preparation (Preparation and planning of the National Budget and printing of National Budget Book).
  • Budget Execution (A full complement of budget control functions to provide an efficient mechanism for the execution of Government’s budget. The core modules included the budget controls, expenditures management and revenue capturing functions).
  • Expenditures Management (Expenditure Warrants and Vouchers creation and management).
  • Revenue Capturing (Creation of Revenue Vouchers and TFG for collected revenue).
  • Fixed Assets (Provides for unlimited number of assets by ministry/ department /cost center; multiple asset types, book value and asset reports. The Fixed Assets module provides the capability to support the creation and maintaining of assets register and performing all relevant financial activities).
  • Treasury Management (Payment management and Cheques printing).
  • Financial Reporting and Dashboards (Interactive real-time financial reports and dashboards).

Future Modules

  • Payroll (The payroll provides the capability to support creating and maintaining of employee records and performing monthly payroll calculation and payment with seamless posting of financial information to the General Ledger).
  • Revenue Collection Management (Automation of Government’s revenue collection, receipt generation and integration with financial management system and auto-generation of Revenue Voucher and Ledger Posing).
  • eProcurement (The eProcurement module provides full commitment control on the Government’s budget to ensure the availability of committed budget for supplier and includes requisitioning, purchase order, goods received note and invoicing).
  • Debt Management (Recording, monitoring and controlling of the Government’s debt and tracking of payments against debts).