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Taxpayer Portal

Hargeisa 12 Oct, 2020 (MoFD) - Somaliland Ministry of Finance Development launched today Taxpayer Online Service Portal that will easy ...
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Somaliland PFM reform second phase Strategy (2020 – 2024)

Hargeisa 11 Oct, 2020 (MoFD) - The event was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Finance Development Hon. Muse ...
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Somaliland Ministry of Finance Launched Workshop for taxpayers

Hargeisa 23 September, 2020 (MoFD) the Somaliland Ministry of Finance Development with the help of OPM has organized a two ...
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Fixed Asset Policy

Hargeisa 17 September, 2020 The Council of Ministers chaired by the president Hon. Muse Bihi approved Public Property Policy. The ...
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Training for Cashiers

Hargeisa 17, 09, 2020 (MoFD) The Mof Dr. Saad, opened import training on17th Sept for 80 cashiers working at the ...
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MoFD Celebrates Annual National Taxpayer Appreciation Day 2020

Hargeisa 09-Sept-2020(MoFD) It was an honor to host the Annual Taxpayer Appreciation Day 2020. An appreciation certificates were given to ...
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An Integration Financial Management Information System “IFMIS” is an IT based budgeting and accounting system that manages revenue, spending, payment processing, budgeting and reporting for governments. An IFMIS bundles many essential financial management modules into one software suite ...

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Tax & Revenue

The Ministry of Finance’s Customs and Inland Revenue Departments promise to provide you with help and assistance to work out and pay the correct tax under the law.

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Public Spending

The Government values the contribution that Somaliland taxpayers make to the country.

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 Message From the Minister

The government of Somaliland is currently implementing its Public Financial Management Reform program (PFM) that includes reforms to improve the budgeting process, increase domestic revenues, automate the country’s payment system and build the capacity of our public servants to better manage the country’s finances.

The PFM reform program will improve the government’s capacity to utilize public funds more effectively, meet the National Development Plan II (NDPII) goals, and realize its

This program will help us to achieve the highest possible efficiency, transparency and accountability in the allocation, management and use of public finances. The effective and efficient use of taxpayers’ money requires sound financial management, full transparency and effective payment process. These reforms will help ensure the Government of Somaliland to be a trusted custodian of the nation’s financial resources.